How You Make Yourself More Visible Even as an Introvert with Fun and Ease

by Corinna Freitag

Working Out Loud is a great tool to make yourself more visible. And it even works if you are more on the introvert side and like to stay in the background. I am introvert and I like to stay in the background. I struggle with making myself visible and to show my work, ideas, thoughts, learnings and discoveries to others.

About a year ago a colleague of mine asked me, if I like to start with her a Working Out Loud (WOL) circle. At that time, I had no clue what WOL is. I bought John Stepper’s WOL book who is the creator of WOL and started my discovery. WOL consists out of the following five elements:

Five Elements of Working Out Loud

  • Relationships: Relationships are the heart of WOL as WOL is something you do together with other and for people.
  • Generosity: This is a change in perspective. You give something to other people and you do not expect to get anything back – even not a “Thank You”. You contribute with generosity.
  • Visible Work: You make your work visible by sharing it with other persons.
  • Purposeful Discovery: You do all the above activities by having a learning goal in your mind. This orients your activities.
  • Growth Mindset: A growth mindset helps you to develop an open, curious approach to life and work. And it helps you to improve your skills.

What is a WOL circle and what happens in a WOL circle?

A WOL circle consists out of about 4 to 5 people. You meet once per week for about an hour for 12 weeks. In week 1 you start by picking your own individual goal. During the following 11 weeks each week you work on specific tasks. All tasks bring you closer and closer to achieve your goal.

As I started to read John Stepper’s book first I thought kind of “Yeah – great advice if you are extrovert. But this is nothing for an introvert person like me.” By further reading the book I realized more and more that the concept works also for introverts, not to say that it is a great approach for introverts. There are so many digital possibilities out there as Social Media and digital platforms in your private and in your work life that you can use. I feel much more comfortable to use these digital possibilities to make myself visible than being in a room full of people and have to make small talk. As soon as I realized this I started to apply the concepts of WOL in my work life. I started to share my learnings on different digital platforms that are available at my company. As I work for a big company, suddenly, I interact with colleagues from other divisions who I never would have gotten in contact with otherwise. This is fun. In addition, I created a WOL circle with my colleague who originally had asked me if I want to start a circle with her. We were 5 people and went together on the WOL journey. The great thing doing this together with other people is that there are persons who support and help you when you are stuck. Or you realize that you are not the only person who struggles with something. And for sure your accountability increases, as you meet regularly and exchange how everyone masters the weekly tasks.

Thanks to WOL I started to make myself more visible. About a year after I started my WOL journey, I even have my own blog and post on different Social Media channels. In addition, WOL helps you to change your habits and achieve your goals step by step. If you want to learn more visit, read John Stepper’s book or join a WOL circle and just Work Out Loud.

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