How You Can Easily Reactivate One of Your Natural Detox Channels

by Corinna Freitag
How You Can Easily Reactivate One of Your Natural Detox Channels

In one of my recent blog articles “It Can Be So Simple to Start your Detox Journey” I had explained some background of the acid-base balance of our body. I had also mentioned that the skin is one of your natural detox channels via we can excrete acids. But that it is very often blocked caused by our modern lifestyle. The good news is that we can easily reactivate our skin as one of our natural detox channels.

The face creams and body lotions, which we usually use, are acidic. This does not motivate the acids in our body to leave our body through our skin, at all, as there is no concentration gradient. A ball will also go nowhere on a flat plain. By using basic skin care you create the needed gradient and the acids leave our body happily through our skin till the concentration level on both sides is in balance.

As basic skin care you can use natural oils and fats as for example organic coconut or olive oil or shea butter. Coconut oil is a bit lighter compared to olive oil and shea butter. Most of the time I use coconut oil for my face and my body. When it is cold and my skin of my face is very demanding I like to use shea butter. Olive oil mixed with basic bath salt is a great peeling that I like to apply, when I want to give my body a special treat.

Using natural oils and fats has another advantage. They do not contain glycerin as a lot of the face creams and body lotions do. Glycerin drags the moisture out of our skin. Our skin looks and feels smooth from the outside. But the inside of our skin dries out and it loses the ability for self-regulation. As consequence we need to apply the creams and lotions more and more. It is like a vicious cycle. If we just stop to use the creams and lotions our skin gets terribly dry and itchy. I had used face creams and body lotions for decades. I was literally addicted to them. Several months ago, I switched to natural fats and oils. My skin feels already much better. It is not itchy anymore. And I do not need to apply oil after every shower to my body anymore as I had needed to do during the decades using body lotion.

In addition, I take care to provide my body from the inside with enough organic vegetable oil.

If you want to try it out pay also attention to the shower gel or soap you are using. It also should not contain any glycerin. Usually, you can find this kind of soap in organic grocery stores.

Photo by Dana Tentis

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