How to Use Audios to Memorize with Great Ease

by Corinna Freitag

During my childhood I liked to listen to stories about a little witch called Bibi Blocksberg. I had about 20 audio tapes with Bibi having exciting adventures. I listened so often to them that I knew them all by heart and I could recite them with great ease. I never thought about using this later in my life whenever I wanted to memorize new learnings.

Recently, my coach recommended to produce my own audio recording and to listen to it regularly when I want to learn something new. First it felt a little awkward to record my own audio file. But with every smartphone having a voice recorder it is so simple to do. So, I gave it a try.

To improve my English grammar, I started to read a book in which the author untangles the knottiest problems in the English language in a lighthearted and funny way. Just in the first chapter I found already a lot of good insights about items, where I usually struggle. In order not to forget them I noted them down in an Excel File. The next time when I stumbled over the grammar when I wrote a text for a mail or a blog article I remembered that I had read about it in the book. But I did not remember the details, and could not apply it. I had to look it up in my excel file. As I did not find this very practical, and was also too lazy to memorize it by for example reading my notes every day, I remembered the recommendation from my coach. I just recorded the different items and created my first audio file recording with a length of about 6 minutes. I listen to it every morning, when I prepare my Smoothie. And it works. Just by listening to it frequently I know them by heart and can easily apply them, when I am writing. And bear with me, so far I read only the first two chapters out of 12 ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next, I came across my targets. Proudly, I had created a list with my targets for the next months and my vision for the next years. After the creation my targets were sitting in an excel file and doing not so much. I thought to give it a try with a self-recorded audio file with my targets, as well. It does not only work. It is also a lot of fun โ€“ to produce the recording and listen to it. Now, every morning when I prepare my Smoothie, I listen to my English grammar and to my target audio files. And listening to my target audio is so much fun that sometimes I listen to it during the day for several times.

I love this technique using self-recorded audio files to learn something by heart. And I am sure that many more will follow. Maybe, you want to give it a try, as well.

Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani

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